It’s still summer time, let’s make sandals for your daughter.These sandals are in size 32-33 (FR) or 1.5-2 (US). This is the maximum size for the dimensions of an Ultimaker. It is not the sole that is problematic but the strap around the ankle.

The printing and the assembly of the sandals is very easy, the time of impression is on the other hand rather long.


Information :

3D printing time *: 10h40 (for each sole) – 1h40 (for each strap) – 1h30 (for each central part)  

Production time: 15 min

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Materials :

PLA flexible (I used Filaflex Gold) : 7m (for each sole) – 1m10 (for each strap) – 0.85m (for each central part)  

1 large tweezers

1 glue Cyanoacrylate (Loctite Gel type)

Les Fichiers :

Files .stl :

Right Foot :
Left Foot :
Right Strap :
Left Strap :
Central part :


La Realization :

GCODE realization:
  1. Download all .stl files.
  2. Open each file independently in your printing software (Cura, CraftWare …).
  3. Réglez les paramètres spécifiques suivants prédéfini par votre logiciel: 3.Set the following specific settings predefined by your software:

Print speed : 30 mm / sec
Supports : None (EXCEPT for Center Part: Plate Contact)
Rafts : None  

4.  Enregistrez votre Gcode 4.Save your Gcode



Preparing the machine and printing:

1.Insert flexible PLA filament

2.Check the attributes of the printer as follows:

T° nozzle : 230°C
T° bed : 40°C

3.Place a thin layer of glue on the bed ( stick glue for paper – do not bother to have special glue – A clean bed with a thin layer of glue allows a better condition for surface finish.)

4.Click the first GCode file in the printer and start printing. Load the followings and so on until you have printed all the elements of the 2 shoes. The central part must be printed twice.

5.Return the objects at the end of each print.

NB: You may have « bumps » on the top of the print, if s,o think about increasing the thickness of the top layer in the cura functions.  




  1. To pass the central part through the sole, use a long tweezers. Thread the tweezers through the hole of the sole, grab the shaft of the central part and pull VERY hard to get the foot through the hole. (As for flip flops!)
  2. Pass one end of the strap through the sole at the heel. Bend lightly and stick into the slot. Repeat on the other side.
  3. Cover the 2 edges with the rectangular band; glue it.
  4. Put glue on the heel and place it properly under the sole.


  1. Pass the strap through the center slots.
  2. Repeat with the other foot.


It’s time to go to the beach … ..

Buses 😉


* The printing times are given as an indication, they depend on the software, parameters and printer used